Welcome to The Hungry Bengali! I'm Jareen, and I launched this brand in 2023. I wanted to create a place where busy people can have the resources they need to make delicious meals in no time.

As a passionate home cook and small business owner, I'm always trying to find the right chemistry when it comes to balancing work, personal time, projects, family, and friends. I think everyone has their own recipe for how they manage their lives, but one thing is certain, we need healthy food to keep us going. 

Here at The Hungry Bengali, I create recipes, develop custom products, and share stories that I hope help people eat better, live better, and free up their time so they can enjoy more of it. 

Read the latest recipes on the blog, follow cooking tutorials on social media, and explore the catalogue of products on the website.

Join me on this journey as we cook up good food, made easy.